Victorian Public Sector Consultancy Agreement

JCT`s consulting agreement is designed to be used by public sector employers to appoint an advisor who, regardless of discipline, provides construction-related services. The government is committed to becoming more effective when it comes to using public funds to stimulate growth and development. This commitment focuses on the cultural and strategic focus on safeguarding employment, capacity building and resource sharing, learning and expertise in the Victorian Public Service (SVP). Professional services should not be responsible for carrying out work called universal and permanent public service functions. Some contractors are required to comply with the code because they perform a public sector function. The public disagrees on whether the government`s service is provided by an employee or contractor. They expect the same high standards of integrity. Contractors working in or through the department (including contractors who work through an employment agency) perform a public sector function when they: all other professional services contracts that are not universal and permanent in the public service, but are subject to one or more valid circumstances (principle two), are subject to an organization`s standard authorisation procedure. Among the universal and permanent missions of the public service are: these guidelines apply to all public bodies and public service organizations, within the meaning of the law, which are required to comply with the guidelines of the VGPB.

The transitional provisions apply to agencies that use other types of contracts, see fact sheet – Transitional provisions for the introduction of the new ministerial directorates of public works available in the Practitioners Toolkit – Public Procurement Fact Sheet. C Division has not yet applied this approach and is seeking advice from a public co-design community. It is found that external assistance is the most appropriate measure because of the scale of the programme and the partners involved and the lack of available, properly qualified public service personnel. Division E needs urgent legal assistance due to a deadline set by the courts. The nature of this work does not relate to a universal and permanent function of public service. This type of legal advice is not required regularly and would not be effective in staying in the VPS. This is why Division E strives to accept professional services through the department`s standard authorisation procedure. Administrative guidelines for the use of professional services in the PSV (guidelines) are distributed to public bodies and public bodies in accordance with Section 36A of the Public Administration Act (Vic) (The Act).

Services must also keep information on all consultants and contractors they have put into service, the services provided and the promised expenses. This information is available to ministers, members of Parliament and the public, upon request, subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 1982. The code provides that public sector employees engage in only other activities, such as . B a second job or participation in other organizations (paid or voluntary work) when the activity is not at odds with their role in the public sector. This restriction also applies to contractors performing a public sector function where compliance with the code is a contractual clause.

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