Byzantine Agreement Leader Election

Goldreich O, Shrira L: Choosing a leader in a ring with login errors. Acta Inf 24: 79-91 (1987) Afek Y, Gafni E: Time and message for choice in full synchronous and asynchronous networks. SIAM J Comput 20: 376-394 (1991) Once the chief receives confirmation from the majority of his supporters that the entry has been replicated, the chief applies the entry to his local distributors and the request is deemed established. [1] [4] This event also conveys all previous entries in the chief`s minutes. As soon as a follower learns that a registration is registered, he applies the entry to his local distributors. This ensures that protocols between all servers are consistent via the cluster, so that the protocol syncing security rule is followed. This rule is guaranteed by a simple restriction: a candidate can only win an election if his protocol contains all the entries registered. To be elected, a candidate must contact the majority of the cluster and, given the rules of access to protocols, this means that each entry will be available on at least one of the servers to which the candidates contact. Pease M, Shostak R, Lamport L: an agreement in the presence of errors. J Assoc Comput Machinery 27: 228-234 (1980) A Leader`s election is launched by a candidate server.

A server becomes a candidate if it does not get communication from the leader over a period called ”wahltimeout,” so it assumes that there is no longer a current leader. It begins the choice by increasing the notion of counter, voting as a new leader and sending a message to all other servers requesting their vote. A server votes only once per warrant, on the basis of the ”First-come-first-served”. When a candidate receives a message from another server whose term number is greater than the candidate`s current term, the candidate`s election is rejected and the candidate is transformed into a successor and recognizes the leader as legitimate. If a candidate gets a majority of votes, then he becomes the new leader. If both don`t happen, for example. B because of a separate vote, then a new term and a new election will begin. [1] Raft uses a randomized voting time to ensure that the problems associated with separate voting are quickly resolved.

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